Expression of passion

by anthony   Jan 10, 2009

Gods angles count keep me from writing to you
i haven't forgotten the past I'm holder
i haven't forgotten your name i am bolder
i am wiser then Wisers
I'm fueling a fire its easy there will always be a fire
the fire is incomplete without your heat

I'm little slow right now need some sleep
i need to count the bah bah sheep :P

but i wont falter ill give ever thing for a chance
you deserve it no less
giving you me is good enough
to earn my own stuff
thats y i gotta be better
u know make life's chetter
sacrifice time even poetry
to be clear and earn Modesty

not smart enough yet

I don't know your number yet
I don't know you favorite colour yet
but what i do know
is your like no other so far
Ill never miss treat you
Ill wont ever deceive you
I already told cupid to dart you
Im have to get back at him for what hes done
hes stuck me b4 u
he picked a girl i barley knew
work with me girl tell me cupid wasn't stupid for shooting me
tell me its not the money you look forward to be looting from me
tell me your glow last even when your mad
so I'm not worried about being had

well I'm totally off track so I'm switch it 2 short n sweet

this poem doesn't mean i love you n how you do what you do
it is an expression of my passion
i chose to do my best on it
it was hard to send
this poem doesn't mean i love you n how you do what you do
it means i do not want to forget you.

P.S the name of this poem is... expression of passion
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