Sammi... I'm Sorry

by Jordan W   Jan 10, 2009

I'm sorry for making promises I couldn't keep
I'm sorry for taking your heart and crushing it
I'm sorry for being such a useless ignorant ****
I ask not for forgiveness
I ask not for your understanding
I am not worth your forgiveness
I don't want to hurt you anymore
I love you but not in the way you want
My heart belongs to another
My heart is a vile thing and I cannot give it to you
If you wish to talk to me I'll be here for you
But I'd rather not hurt you with my presence
I want to go away so I am naught but a soon forgotten whisper in your ear
I want to be nothing more than a fading memory for you
I want not to cause you pain or grief anymore
I want just for you to live, love and embrace someone better
I know you hate me now
And I'm glad
For with that hate your feelings shall be consumed
Pain and love among them
So only think of the evil I am
Only think of the disgusting thing I have become
And resent me in every way...


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