Mother's Anonymous (written for a questionable contest)

by Quietly Versed   Jan 16, 2009

Am I not the one you know,
The voice that heralds your worth,
Established in your shadow,
Did I not conceive you with birth?

And was I not your purest lover,
When you felt alone and scared,
And I held close you and brother,
Did I not seem well prepared?

Tell me unfaithful child,
Where did I lose you?
Did I hold you too close and mild?
Or was it my worth sanctioned in your smile?

When last did I look upon you?
When first did my love annoy you?
Son will you continue your scold,
Will this be forty years alone in the cold?

Shall I revel in the memory of you my boy?
Shall I toast with your ghostly manner?
Was it Jim or Evan you thought brought me joy?
Or was it Jack, or when I got them all together?

Cheers my son, and happy New years from your drunken mother,
Oh, and when you get the chance, will you please say hello to your absent brother?


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  • 9 years ago

    by H E Losey

    Again a story told completely.
    First stanza last line a bit confusing, conception at birth?.
    I did not care for the change in rhyme scheme in the third and fourth stanzas. I again had trouble finding the metre/rhythm here.