Poets Take a Stand

by Cody   Jan 18, 2009

Everywher' i look on the internet today
The poets are all saddened
Such a powerful gift wasting away
Can anybody tell me what happened?

It's as if, along with writings healing power,
It's purpose has switched to self-medication
A real artist's true affliction would be
An art in their addiction of aberration

Stealing the hope of the world they could save
Helping with the downfall and digging the graves
With a voice, with an inspiration, with an impact
These saints have what it takes if they react
Take their words and direct them to a cause
Opt for making them think rather their applause

If the written word is kept to one's own self
The gift that you were given cannot be shared
The world needs to change and we can help
But the only way is if we become prepared

Learn about the world, create your judgments
Reach out to touch each mind and soul
Its time we take on the cause and play our role

This world is calling for us all to take upon our talents
And bring together what this world ought to be
Fear must be put on the back burner in this journey
But if you can find the courage we can turn this around
Lets help make aware of humanity's common ground

** C'mon people. There are 6 billion people on the earth today, and too many of them are suffering from the injustic and disproportionateness that afflicts everyone, rather directly or not. The only way is if each of us is able to take a stand and help tear down and reconstruct this city, this county, this country, this world, this life. We are the writers. The ones that can get in their heads. Every single person has a talent that is going to bring us out of this corrupt society of rules and this is ours. We can even write the guidelines as to the basis of the right moral code, basic instincts, perceptions of others, what is truely important to the advancement of the human race in anyway capable. The cause is out there, who is going to use their talents to push it forward?


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  • 9 years ago

    by capturedelight

    I agree, I like your poem, things do not have to be so big it's the small things we do that can make a change. It's the small things that make the world, like choice its the difference that big and grand. Keep believing!!!!