I don't Wasting Time With You

by Braeden Monks   Jan 23, 2009

I just wanted to tell you
everything i need to say.
like i wish it was me and you
after all these days,

i dream i guess i put it aside.
for reasons its true, i have never lied.
i loved her too and thats not wrong.
but i swear its done and its gone

Now im here and thinking of you,
after all the Things we've been through,
memory left for the morrow,
seem to bring a quick sense of my morals.

I wonder how we got to here,
even in my worst fears.
i hope the most you dont hang up,
its all my fault, is that enough?

to explain to you what i would do.
to see you smile like those times before
and have you wonder it in the nights alone
thinking of where to go.

Now here i am in a crossing of my paths,
im really hope that you dont laugh.
when i tell the feelings in my heart,
hopeing that you are her from the start.

Remembering the days of yesteryear,
taking my time to ingest my fears.
gone like the train on the track,
well here i am, wonder if you'll come back.

I'd dance again like once done you see,
when it was just the night, you and me.
asleep on a bed wait for the call,
maybe you'll be here, to take that fall.

Is he worth it, could you see,
the moments we had, spent in entirnity.
our passions and loves, were the same i thought.
who would have guessed, we lost what we got.

a kiss to seal it. thats all it could be.
a picture perfect ending, to a pretty rotten dream.
hopeless to think, or ever to be.
but this my heart and this is me.

So if i could i'd tell you.
tell you again and again
that you deserve everything.
i couldn't have been

Thank you for everything we ever had.
it was amazing when it was
i wish it would last


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