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My name is Braeden Monks.
I am the ex singer of a failed punk rock band. I am currently living in parry sound ontario. but am moving to vancouver friday january 30th.

When i write, it's usually to music. and so My writting comes out more a song then poetry. Some people dislike that about my writting. I am here for honest opinion, I'm Not Here to impress.

However, I do enjoy reading others, I really like reading poems or songs that are very personal and/or reflect on society. I dislike songs or poems that don't Rhyme, I dont know why, I just dont like them as much.

Go ahead Be harsh, I can take it (:

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  • "This one's for every friend who got taken off the streets so the upper class could sleep. So the upper class could sleep. I'll miss the spraypaint and slashed tires."

    Johny Hobo

    13 years ago
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  • God told me the meaning of life once, then he gave me a pretzle.......i can't remember what he said but that was a really good pretzle

    15 years ago
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  • When Chuck Norris goes swiming he doesn't get wet the water gets chuck norris

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