Not a Mood

by Braeden Monks   Jan 23, 2009

Empty. no emotion
im not here

Ill tell you my biggest secert. no one esle knows
what i have been hidding my whole life
"it doesnt matter where you go.
you'll probably never make it through tonight

I'll be one your side.
till the day i die
But tomorrow has changed.
with every word you said

I'll wait for my hope to come back
but thats the part thats sad
I'm not sorry but i cant commit to nothing
Im sorry but not anymore

You want a constant in your life
Well you lost it last night
And im going home.
Im going home to die

We know i cant beleive a word you say
i know you cant take it back. every word you say
I want you to see me on the road
see me as i go

I'm not in the mood for someone to depend on me
Im not in the mood for someone to want me
Im not in the mood for you to care about me
Im in the mood for doing regretful things


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