Between the clouds

by Unrequited   Jan 25, 2009

Sad clouds: roam, expand.
the flower >cold seas soak winter's
crimson in the petals
which trace

our skin,
expired flame and tears.

/roped down + raped/
around their scars :pierced
thru a nightbloom-
they swim 'neath sea ghouls
sittin-gly upon

terror sssounds
in winter,
thunders born
then snapped in two
(when you took that heart away)!


we never saw it
and when love
enters in, drown it away;
expired romance withers out.

oh, such a terror!
your face with sorrow
when the night buries
your flower [in hell, it screams]

but light blooms over shadows,
erasing us
from the rest
of man. ...[exit life between the clouds].:

all not as lucky
to be driven
to love,

in a sad rosebud, collapsed


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  • 9 years ago

    by Weeping Wolf

    Well, I can sit how e.e. cummings has influenced you. This, makes me cry.

    [exit life between the clouds].:

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