Maybe Someday

by Tyana   Feb 4, 2009

Maybe someday the world will make sense
maybe someday it will stop feeling wrong
maybe there's hope for a heart badly battered
maybe someday I will feel I belong

Maybe someday I'll stop feeling frightened
knowing that somehow I'll find my way
maybe someday I'll remember the promise
the hope that accompanies each dawn of day

Maybe someday I'll discover a reason
maybe someday I'll make sense of the pain
maybe someday I'll see past these tears
to discover a rainbow has followed the rain

Maybe someday I will not be disgusted
and saddened with every thought of me
maybe someday I'll forgive myself
for all that I am, and for all I can't be


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  • 7 years ago

    by Jessica

    Ahw, I Adored This Poem.
    You Have Some Great Talent, I Envy It.
    Make's My Poems Look Rubish:P Haha.
    I Love your Style Of Writing, And How you Just Say All That you Need To Say.
    And Also A Very Nice Flow=D
    Can You Comment And Rate One Of My Poems Too? That Would Be Great!
    Much Love, Jessi<3