Victorian fires of 2009

by BeeBeeGun   Feb 9, 2009

Our love goes out to all those that lost homes and family to the tragic Victorian fires of 2009

A blaze of fury lit the land
with red and burning embers
Houses, homes and families
all left to surrender

A tragic day of loss and grief
as fire gulped our pride
As we all had to commemorate
Our land that slowly died

Flashing lights of red and blue
Engraved into our minds
Sirens screaming through the streets
As fire rampaged behind

Cars piled up bumper to bumper
Trying to escape the flames
As communities sit in anger
For arsonists are to blame

Firefighters day and night
Keep fighting on, no sleep
As bodies burnt are found
From the soaring fiery heat

So on this day we salvage
All but what we can
To help out those in need
With nothing left in hand

And a salute to all the fighters
Giving up there time
To fight such a tragic fire
Victorian fires of 2009

By Bianca Nadine

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