This Life

by Cody   Feb 16, 2009

This life that I've been given
Is not the one I'd ask
But the one I was made for
I'd be a fool to let it pass

The struggles that I encounter
And pains that I endure
Were put here to strengthen me
For that I am sure

No one can tell me otherwise
This life is mine to live
Not to hold on selfishly
But for producing treasures to give

It is the duty of my soul
To embrace the gifts of God
To be true to what He's made
And break free from the facade

It is on me to listen and act
On this life that He has planned
To trust with faith and rest with peace
So that someday I'll understand

This life was made with purpose
To that, there is no debate
The choice lies in pursuing my desires
Or letting God work in me something great


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