Will You Get Up?

by Cody   Feb 23, 2009

Someday you'll be knocked off of your rocker
For a big change will send you a shocker
What will be your next move while you lie on the ground
Will you dare to get up and turn it around
Will the fear take hold of your ability to go
Or can you trudge forward with the knowledge you know
Will you sit in dispair for the life that you knew
Or can you rest in assurance for in that life you grew
Things will no longer be the same as they once were
Situations and relations are twisted, as I'm sure you'll concur
Actions and reactions are now put in your hands
As you're being forced to face up to life's altering demands

**I'm not sure if this is finished or not. I'm sure I could add on to it, I just don't know if it needs it. Any input from you to help me out?


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