Measuring Cup Advice

by Kait   Feb 27, 2009

This is a redo of my poem, Happiness (2)

Each day could be a new beginning.
However, your darkest thoughts keep spinning.
You live each moment in your past,
thinking that heartache will forever last.
You think you could just let everything go.
It's easier said then done; we all know so.
Oh, how you wish you could say goodbye to all those nights
you have tried and tried, with all your might.
With no confidence, the pain aches on.
And you cry through the night, until the break of dawn.
The more you cry the more hate that burns within you.
So you kneel to the ground upon your very knees.
You ask for forgiveness and ask to take it all away.
"Everything will be okay", you hear him say.
"Someday I know you can move forward
But, first you need happiness to move towards."
Those words repeat in your mind.
You have to leave this life behind.
Step by step, you let something else go.
You do not rush; this is something that must be slow.
Your confidence grows and you smile a little more.
This is just the life you were looking for.

So hear and take my advice,
and do not ever think twice.
Depression is what you need to overcome.
Take it slow; march to the beat of your own drum.
Look within yourself and see your value.
Make up a plan that you can construe.
Most of all; do not give up.
Make each step a measuring cup.
Each time you succeed,
another measurement to proceed.
Once you reach the one cup level,
find yourself some time to revel.


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