When Daddy's Realize

by Cody   Mar 10, 2009

I didn't believe it was actually true;
I mean, a baby is growing inside of you?
How ridiculous does that sound,
This news has my brain confound
The cells attached and multiplied,
The anatomy that I just denied.
Then you changed, became obsessed
I thought you actually became possessed
The eroding truth came in to view
The facts that I tried to construe
You made it clear this baby's here
A new reality that I must adhere
And it helped that you changed too
While inside, this baby grew
Emotions that were steady, became wild
Your eyes filled with tears while you just smiled
When you were angered, it was announced
Then the next second, I would be pounced
Never did I know what was next
Never have I been so perplexed
This baby hasn't just changed your body
Even though you are still my #1 Hottie
This baby changed your mind and actions
I became weary of my own infractions
Cautious with every step I would take
Fearing for my life, at the slightest mistake
The house I made sure had to be cleaned
When the Nesting hit, you intervened
When your chores were met with pain
I took them over, so you wouldn't complain
I did and have done all that I can
For this child that we did not even plan
For my wife whom I gave comfort and rest
Cause in this journey I have been blessed
Our family has chosen it wants to start
And I stand here strong, ready to play my part


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  • 9 years ago

    by mandy

    What a heart-warming poem, so very touching. I loved the title, it worked perfectly with it. Amazing, (the rhyming flowed very nice too) 5/5!

    -mandy :)