I Could Not Get Around You

by Quietly Versed   Mar 12, 2009

And I was the unbound traveler.
Daily I moved about never remaining still,
Never returning to the confinement of yesterday.
Always careful to trek in a ghostly manner,
As to leave no beaten paths.

And in my liberty,
If obstacles presented before me,
Lacking the desire to effort for what lied in opposition,
I would simply diverge and change direction.
Without regret, without regard.

And in my aimless expedition,
Blinded by the cloud of avoidance,
I walked into some wall.
In my stricken blunder, with back to the floor,
I looked up to see stones stacked 5 foot and 8 inches tall.

Determined to avoid exertion,
I turned left, and then right, and began walking.
And as the days continued so did the wall,
My forethoughts of simply going around it were beginning to fade.
So for a moment I stopped to rest.

And awaking from somber I noticed a slight crack in the wall's foundation,
Slowly I leaned in to view the hidden contents of this structure,
And with the curiosity of a child I gazed upon you.
A fleeting glance of beauty and you were gone,
I left in awe of the stone in your hand, and the purity of your eyes.

Longing for more of you,
I quickly searched for another view,
Crack after crack I peeked in on you,
Each time seeing you in a different light,
Each time trying to piece you with my previous view,

(I quickly realized that you are like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle,
I just have to find each piece of you as you allow me to put you together.)

Small glances of you became unsatisfying,
I struggled to reach the top of this wall,
As to peek my head over the stones,
To cast you in full view,
And I reveled in you.

In desperation I searched for some opening, some gate that lead to you,
My path becoming beaten the grass fading beneath my feet,
I found a quaint door that opened to you,
But it was guarded, on one side stood fear, and on the other broken memories.
I decided there must be some other way to you.

Stripping my self of all integrity,
I clothed myself with humility,
As I yelled out to you.
A sudden whisper from beyond your wall.
I sat down to talk to you... for a while.


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