Poems About Love and Friendship

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  • An Old Friend (2) 1

    by Glenn G

    Today I contacted an old friend,
    I hadn't seen in a while...

  • New Love (8) 11


    You welcome me
    with haggard smile...

  • Pause I

    by Anna Banasiak

    I drift off
    to the dream room...

  • The Known Stranger (2) 1

    by KHAN

    The Known Stranger!!
    The night just got started...

  • Best friend pupps?

    by Ricky Story

    So what do you want to say
    What do I want to say...

  • A Lesson Learned

    by Karin Erlacher

    A still frame
    A moment in time...

  • Genuine?

    by Karin Erlacher

    Am I genuine or fake?
    I think I've made a mistake...

  • It was all too much
    for a moment...

  • I'm just like a bottle of cola
    My life is dark...

  • Colors of memories (1) 1

    by Shiva Sai

    Memories are good,
    Memories are bad...

  • Mother (2) 1

    by Shiva Sai

    I miss my mother's lap
    Where I lay my head...

  • Old Friends 1

    by Kate

    There’s nothing to move past, as the past is...