by Tryphenaa   Mar 13, 2009

I've been holding this picture for a long time
I examined the face of the smiling man in the picture
As my little hands tried to fell him though the glass

I've never seen this face before
But why is my brother and sis smiling with him
Who is this smiling man?

My sister told me
This is my granddaddy
But I know granddad doesn't wear glasses

She said this is mummy's daddy
The other one is daddy's daddy
I looked at the picture with such interest

She said I've never met him
Because he is dead before I'm born
I looked at her with my eyes wide open

Jesus protected him, right?
God protected him, right?
I asked sister with such hope

Sister nodded
And said granddaddy is safe
In heaven with Jesus

I was relived
But I felt sad
I curled up in a ball and cried

Sister picked me up and held me
She asked why am I crying
But DI didn't know why

Is aid because
Granddaddy's dead
And I love him

Sister smiled
And told me we'll see granddaddy
Next time when we go to heaven

I nodded and thought about my granddaddy
I know he loves me
And he's safe in heaven


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