Over the Brink

by My Mistakes   Mar 18, 2009

Sleek silver blade
dancing across my skin
taking away a life
before it truly begins

crimson red blood
drops slowly to the floor
washing away the pain
that i just couldn't take anymore

drip drip drip
each drop relieves the pain
my head id getting dizzy
i feel like I'm fading again

theres a pool of blood on the floor
lines of read streaking across my arm
I'm beginning to think
that i brought myself some serious harm

the beautiful red is fading
turning to a deep dark black
i feel like my life is fading
forgotten memories coming back

then the memories fade as well
nothing left to think
it was this lonely night
that i pushed my body over the brink


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  • 9 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    Wow this is a really great poem. Your use of imagery is amazing and so captivating. Great job. Shanik

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