Faded Memory

by StuPiD FrEaK   Mar 22, 2009

I close my eyes and realize
How every little thing in life mean so much than it was
Afraid that this could be the last..

I hold your hand and you hold mine
And we both try to just forget that there will be a day
That we will never be the same..

I never wish to go away
But then I guess the days I spent with you will slowly fade
and I don't really want to wait..

I never wish to say goodbye
To all the times when I just stare at you when you're with me
I'll love you till I forget to breathe

I took a note and wrote it down..
Every second you're around..
Memories with you that I have found..

There's a million reasons for me to run away
But a faded memory just keep on telling me to stay
And if one day you'll remember how I've loved you like before
Let this be a memory that never fades forevermore..


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