A Bridge over Tears

by Iola   Mar 29, 2009

Against my skin plash the wetness below
Waters which are made up of tears
Thinking about the things I don't know
Searching for the hands of my peers

On this bridge I now stand alone
With the spray of the ocean within me
Slowly collecting each little bone
Parts of me that got lost in the sea

Underneath the emotions I hide so well
Standing safely up here on concrete
I can still sing but I have lost my smell
Whilst my tears roar away from my feet

Unsure of how I can cross this road
Release my heart from the prison within
Tired enough to ignore the next code
So against these old brick I will lean

With a head in the clouds up above
I cannot cry for the river of tears
On this bridge I want to feel love
Though its pillars are shaking with fears

Take me forward to the other end
I have no strength to break through
Be my lover but also my friend
And I will cross this bridge for you too


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