Maiden of the Mists

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Apr 16, 2009

I watch her from the mirror
As her size 3 figure exits the shower.

She wears the sound of water
As she glides from steaming clouds.
Her bare skin sings the scent of fragility,
Peacefulness haunting the air around her.

It makes my heart uneasy...

Upon her pale, parted lips,
There reads a look of need, of pleading,
And her eyes walk their observers to a land serene,
To a place where passion and lust divide,
United in motive and emotion.

I have never been there...

Her collar bones protrude her chest,
Shoulders lying confidence.
Her chest lacks the provocation of desire,
And she reeks of willingness as she glides,
Glides from streaming clouds.

I desire just to touch her...

Her hair shadows her tilted face,
Hiding from her uncertainty.
Beads of water linger on her lips and brow,
Inviting an outside flesh to feel.

I want to feel...

Her perfectly curved spine is laced with droplets,
Cascading down to the tight hint of a rear,
where they bead and come to rest,

I watch as she glistens...

Her hips roll like a soft song,
Swivelling as she glides from steaming clouds.
Her crossed legs crave corruption,
to unveil, unlock the treasure they hold.

I want to take those secrets from her...

Her obsidion pupils leak diversion from her body,
Fearing the lack of all that she indeed possesses:

I would not call her such, but she is near...

Her hand rests, one, atop her breast firm,
The other above the V between hips,
Innocent and shielding,

I must protect her...

she wears the sound of water
As she glides from steaming clouds.


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  • 9 years ago

    by PoetryKnight

    I like this one, and not just cause it is provocative. I really like how you put an after shower experience into such words. How the body is in private, yet free. you can be what you are, and go with the flow. Water shimering of you as to seem like you are glowing. 5/5. I can truly say my next poem is inspired by you. not as physicle, more a spiritual poem. lol. take luck.

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