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I'm not your average teenage girl. I don't like pink or follow trends. to be honest, i'm just a hopeless romantic lost in her rebel-cinderella world of glass converse. My name is Sarah. but dont call me that. It means "Princess," because thats what my dad thought i was. but all i have become is daddy's little defect. sorry dad. So call me Ashlyn, because thats all that remains of the whole "princess" idea.-------------------------------------

I'd like to say i'm open and friendly, but the truth is, i'm just not. Rejection is my greatest fear, which is why i seem to be withdrawn, but if anyone takes the time to get to know me, i'm easygoing, random as hell, and totally outspoken. the internet is really the only place i open up, because i dont have to say stuff out loud, and i dont have to feel like everyone is watching me. i love rock music! ( but the truth is, i respect all types of music, i may not like it, but i RESPECT it.) I'm totally falling for this amazing man named Joshua, and i totally become putty around him. He's my life, and i've given him my heart, love, and life. I've never loved anyone the way i love him!-------------------------

basically, I'm here for everyone, even though not everyone is here for me, so if you don't think anyone cares, write me, and i'll share your pain, even just to talk, i'm always here for anyone. dont hesitate to PM me! i love to, and need to, make friends!

Trying to make the best of it all, -----


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  • Not much to think about at all before I met you,
    Eat. Sleep. Drink. Drink alcohol. Sleep...

  • I watch her from the mirror
    As her size 3 figure exits the shower...

  • I met him once over the phone,
    Now we're in this place, alone...

  • Underneath a shining blue neon moon,
    That glistened next to diamonds shaped like stars...

  • She wears the sound of water
    As she glides from steaming clouds...

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  • It's a little too late
    to apologize,
    It's a little too late
    To say you'll try.
    It's a little too late
    To love me,
    But you're right on time for "Goodbye."

    14 years ago
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  • Guy: I'm like God's gift to mankind!
    Girl: Wrap yourself back up, I think we're all re-gifting.

    *actual conversation btween me and kaitan!

    14 years ago
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  • Vanity, Thy name is "Teenage Girl."

    14 years ago
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