Mundane Life.

by Esther   Apr 20, 2009

I get up, do some things,
then I go to sleep.

I get up, do some more things,
then I go to sleep.


The structure of life has no meaning,
no purpose: I'm studying but for what?
I go to work? But why?

I do the same mundane things every day.
Day after day, never ceasing.

Why? I do not know.
I cannot explain.
All I know is that it causes great pain.
I wish for this to stop,
To stop and to never start again.

To lay in the sun and know that it will never end.
But no, I must carry on
In my repetitive mundane life.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Fantasy

    Thanks for the comment [: and I have to fix the spelling, i know, its just it came to me really fast, and i wanted to save it.. my computer is stupid, and it turns off at random moments..

    This poem made me smile, I dont know why.. I think everyone can relate to this. Living on a strict schedule is a waste of time, I'll promise you that. Go outside of the boundaries, and take the road less travelled by, it might do some good.

    Keep it up, I'm looking forward to reading more [:


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