Im Not Perfect

by Loisa   May 1, 2009

"I'm not perfect," said a man one day as he rose from his bed.
"I'm not athletic, I can't play an instrument, there's nothing in my head!"
"I always strive to be the best, and outshine all the rest, but today I couldn't even pass a simple mathematics test."

"How long do I wait until my skills kick in?" he asked himself.
"My life has been nothing but flaws, unlike my kin, who both run an inn and play the violin!"
"Was I meant to amount to nothing?"

Soon the man received a part-time job working at an unpopular diner. He forgot to refill a woman's drink, and when the women complained, he replied, "I'm not perfect." The woman just shook her head and didn't even bother to leave a tip.
That same week, the man forgot to clean up two dirty tables, and when his boss complained, he replied, "I'm not perfect." His boss just shook his head and warned him that his job was on the line.
On Sunday, he mistakenly messed up a priest's order. When the man apologized to the priest, he said,"I"m not perfect." The priest answered, "Nobody is perfect. Only the Lord, the Almighty, is perfect. For it is meant to be that man have flaws." The man was very surprised that the priest did not complain. When the priest finished with his order, he said, "I can see that you are in times of struggle. The Lord feels your suffering and misery. If you believe in God, you will quit your job here, and tomorrow, things will be a whole lot better."
The priest left the man to his own thoughts. The man had never been a religious person, but he did as the priest said.
That night the man had a dream that he was in heaven. God had showed the man the most miserable times in his life. The last scene was that the man had been a terrible accident and had been killed. The man addressed the Lord and said, "Lord, I have never been in a crash before. How can that be my life?"
The man never woke up. All he could think was why the Lord had chosen to end his life that way. The last words in his head were that of the priest. The Lord spoke to him, "I'm not perfect."


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