Cold Demon

by Fantasy   May 11, 2009

Always looking down,
I always feel like a part of me is on the ground,
Something black and cold,
My dignity?
No, so ive been mistaken,
My bleeding heart,
My broken love.

The sun may shine,
But im always dark,
You try to raise my head,
But it always falls back down.
No one knows this pain thats eating away,
At my already broken body.

I look in the mirror,
But its a demon staring back,
Cold and ripped apart,
A terrifying image,
The blackened truth.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Esther

    Ive = I've, sorry thought I'd let you know.
    im = i'm also, apart from that, wow..i can relate even if this poem wasn't meant to be relatable, but i love the way in which you have expressed it. Keep writing, seriously.