Being for the benefit of Brian Epstein and The Beatles

by DourParoxysm   Jun 7, 2009

Many years ago long before 2009
Someone where around the time of 1958
Two people met at a church that served great wine
Thus beginning the start of something great

One had a friend that rode the bus each day
The other did not like him for he was but 14
My that boy was young but he could surely play
The first boy told the other that the young boy's skills must be seen

Then they add a drummer making band member number four
So they began working in the Cavern Club in Lower Liverpool
One day in walked Brian Epstein who kept on shouting encore!
At that the band replied with yes I know we rule!

On February 9th, 1964 the band became a hit
As they took this first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show
In their new grey suits and mop top hair the men looked tightly knit
And millions of silly woman shouted go guys go!

Thus the fab four went on to sell a gazillion-billion-trillion-one records
Creating a whole new form of music to carry a generation
Even the queen of England offered them favorable rewards
However they have nothing to do with the National aeronautics and space administration

But then came Yoko who many people believed split the group apart
She fell in Love with one who would never let her leave
Slowly the band started looking for a new start
They were all different now and their individual music was on the qui vive

Thus the story of the beginning and end of a great band
There has been none like it since the day these greats came
There is The Lefty Paul and John with his white baby grand
Ringo and George together the four made great fame


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