If iHad To Choosee

by K R ii S T ii N A   Jun 18, 2009

If I had to choose you or raven, sparks or you, its ur hart I’m chasing, you can see its blatent, dats y I try n fix up, too make my behaviour sharp, buh I do get mad n shout, I need to rememba ur a younga n you need special treatment, you need it for a reason, ur so special n its you im keeping, hu eva wants you dey betta b onit, coz im swinging n im getting sum fink from it, dats you ur da wining prize, n im gona shine to da top, to win daht special prize, Dahts ma RiDE OR DiiE, I will die or ride, ride or die 4 you, ill neva have mix emotionz if it cumz to daht day wen I get put to da test, strait im up for da test, bring da silly pest, coz der not stealin da hart I captured, if dey try take you away der jaws getting frackshod, STRAiiT, blud ur life meens 1000x more den miine, iits no lie, iil neva lie to you, baby iits true, ur stuck to ma hart like glue, wen im wid you, I see a skie so clear n blue, ma baby girl, ima give you ma love, iiwana show it but its hard coz im a thug, I act like a total mug, ma words get fuked, Cnt speak I don’t knoe y, buh den I rememba, how can I 4get, im wid da girl dats always in ma hed, daht I always think bouht, dream bouht, dah wun daht makes da nicest words cum out ma mouth, da wun daht keeps me around wid a smile, on ma face, if dats da case, ur hart is mine, from today, 18th 06 2009, I claimed ownnage from da day I die


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