Hardest Mistake

by John   Jun 27, 2009

I have made many mistakes in my life
But, the biggest mistake was letting you go
I thought I would be better off without you by my side
And now I'm here feeling lonely in the cold

I regret what I put you through in the past
I wish I could still hold you in my arms tight
Now it's to late and you can't forgive me at last
I wonder and wonder if you still think about me at night

Not one day passes by that I don't think about you
About the days we use to joke and laugh together
How your beautiful smile had me so amused
In my heart I always felt we would last forever

Who ever thought our love would ever come to an end
Each kiss, each hug, each touch I can still feel it
I close my eyes and reminisce your lips against mines blend
All of a sudden I open them up and feel tears on my lips

I cry and cry praying one day you'll be back
Can't eat,can't sleep,can't think without you here
I try and try to move forward and leave the past
Will I ever feel what I felt for you again? That's what i fear

Your spirit and soul remains inside my lonely heart
I will never forget the love you always shared with me
The love that gave me hope and joy in the start
Even though we fell apart deep inside I still have belief

Maybe one day god will put you back in my arms
Or maybe I will never see or hear from you again
Even though I'm in deep pain I have to stay calm
I have to be strong, and keep my head out the rain


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  • 9 years ago

    by Day Lee

    Awww i love this.. it's soo touching! <3

  • 9 years ago


    Wow i really love this poem, that how i feel right now *FAIRY KISSES*