Living in the Fast Lane

by Natalie84   Jul 14, 2009

Eighteen years in the fast lane
Youthful days racing by
Passing you by, untouched time
Vacant moments, you didn't even try
Too late to cry now, time to move on
Life's show must go on
Yesterday and today may be gone
But tomorrow brings a new dawn
Just slow down, calm down
Relax your mind
Cleanse your soul
Release the anger, forgive yourself
Not just in this moment, but forever
Mistakes were meant to be made
The pain will fade away
Fade into yesterday
Soon the pain of yesteryear
Don't be afraid of tomorrow
There's no reason to live in fear
Tomorrow will heal today's mistake
So slow down, for tomorrow's sake
Tomorrow's force will get you through
Push you through to another day
Maybe even a new way
A new walk, a new talk
Tomorrow may just give you a new life
Yesterday and today may be gone
But tomorrow brings a new dawn
A new hope, a new fight
Close your eyes tonight
And forget about today
Forget yesterday, forget right now
Forget the error in your ways
Forget the mistakes you made
Even forget the mistakes you'll make another day
Forget the speed you once traveled
And the velocity you'll find some other day
Forget the demons that were sent for battle
The demons that went to war in your mind and soul
Forget not always feeling whole
Lift your head dear child
For negativity will surely take its toll
Forget the evil that clouded your good judgment
It didn't break you down, so smile for a new day
Don't trouble the world with your frown
Don't waste time bringing yourself down
Tomorrow is not gone
And the beast of speed hasn't won
The war is still being fought
And the brave never get caught
Chin up little solider
Tomorrow is coming
Embrace the new day
Hit the brakes today
Slow down for tomorrow
Yesterday and today are gone
But tomorrow is bringing a new dawn
Accept it, trust it, you deserve it
Racing through, you missed the light
You ran through warning signs, got lost in flight
Created a new plight, ended feeling trapped
Trapped within the cold air of midnight
Pull the emergency brake, reverse your path
You can't change the past, but tomorrow is coming
Prepare for change
Too fast isn't fast enough today
Because moving too fast made you this way
The express way brought you here today
So thank each and every yesterday for showing you the way
Too fast can't break through today
Today is the day, stop the train
Now peddle through to tomorrow's new dawn
Before tomorrow is taken by the express way
Peddle through before tomorrow is gone

**My cousin wrote a poem about living in the fast lane...I wrote her back with this piece. It's never too late to change into what you WANT to be.


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