Stab in the heart.

by Dani   Jul 15, 2009

The pain and tears I put you threw now feel so real
Look into the mirror and then tell me every things ok
The pages in our book gone burnt with the flames of hurt and pain
Now the tear drops fall down from our eyes like pouring rain
The smiles turned into frowns, days go by and I miss you more
As my knees hit the ground I beg you to never leave me again
I watch you as you slowly turn away leaving my life in disarray
How could you leave something that feels so real?
How can you make me feel so worthless?
Can you beat my heart any harder?
Would it please you to see me bleed?
I feed off your love and thrive off this pain
You say you love me but you beat me every chance you get
I let my heart escape back into your hands only you smash it again
Do you like how I beg you to stay and make my life complete
My legs feel weak as you slowly speak my name
Thinking It was all a game I let you back in
I want you in my life tonight
Lets forget about the knife you stuck in my heart
Like a simple game of darts my heart was the target
Bulls eye each time as I close my eyes and say your sweet name
Knowing your going to beat me again tomorrow you won the game
I promised you my life the world everything under the sun
A bullet shot out of a gun is how fast my heart breaks for you
Take my life and smash it over and over
You make me regret life since I met you
Hear you walk down the hall
Cover up the tears so you wont know
Just how much you met to me
Your soft hands touch my face
I find myself chasing after you
Starting all over as our lips meet
Exchanging body heat
Yet feels so wrong
As your thong hits the floor
Tell me you want me
Come back to haunt me
You taught me all that I know
You made me all that I am
Nothing will ever change
Please just come back to me
Let me back in it will never happen again
we win we lose but sometimes draw
fall in love all over again as I see the smile on your face
held with memories of the past but the last time I let you get the best of me
you ripped the heart out of my chest and threw it in the dirt
now all that is left is the blood on my shirt
hurt me is what you do best
none to the less youll do it again
and I will be patiently waiting
for another stab in the heart


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