Same Broken Man

by Cody   Jul 22, 2009

Here I am again, that same old broken man

Fearing for the end since this time began

Running from trials and denying the truth

Traveling miles just to hide from my youth

Holding on to the pains that tore me apart

Identifying the chains that held me from the start

I have been condemned and held to the floor

Which stemmed when my purpose I chose to ignore

I went on my own to search for my life's path

And though I've grown from this road's wrath

I never truly found the destiny I wanted to find

Constantly hitting the ground as I went out blind

I thought I was prepared and knew who I was

I was a good man compared everyone's flaws

Though it was not enough to discover my role

This journey is tough and a lot of time it has stole

I just can't comprehend how I can turn this around

Hold my future and defend against the evils that surround

I wish I had what it takes and knew without doubt

To correct my mistakes and discover what this is about

This is my only life and I haven't treated it very well

I just hope I can end my strife before I must say farewell

I do know that I still have time as long as I still live

And I must take my crime and be able to forgive

Though I will never know when I come to the end of my road

I can choose to grow from this life that I've been bestowed


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  • 5 years ago

    by WintersAngel

    This poem is excellent. The flow is positively splendid. Wonderful write you've got here.