Farewell to the nice guy

by Daniel   Jun 14, 2004

Coming from inside of me, this is who I really be,
pushing forward to the top and ain't nobody stopping me.
Think that I'm gonna stop, running till I'm gonna drop,
getting closer to my goal with new feelings I adopt.
Every person laughs at you, I know cause I feel it too,
fighting back against the pain soon becoming overdue.
Treat me like a piece of trash, I'll explode and kick your ass,
place your bets show the cash, beating you'll be a blast.
You want me to help you out, I think you should save yourself,
if it be up to me then you'd be out left on the shelf.
Out with the nice, and come in the bad,
feelings that I've gone to far, not even a little tad.
Part of me has died, another part is born,
choosing to be good or bad I'm becoming ripped and torn.
It's become a part of me, letting all this evil free,
Only takes a couple seconds, count it off 123.
Now that I have been unleashed, ain't nobody bossing me,
all we can do is hope and pray, that Mr. nice comes back someday.


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