A Girl

by Brookie   Aug 3, 2009

There is a girl who I know and she’s not always what she seems,
She wears a smile on her face each day although inside there’s only screams.
To her friends and her family she always makes a good impression,
But really it’s all an act she constantly puts on, just to hide her depression.
She knows there are people worse off, and that’s something she doesn’t doubt,
She doesn’t want sympathy; she just wants to stop feeling so down and out.
Understanding why she feels like this is something she can’t comprehend,
How she used to be so happy and then suddenly it all just came to an end.
Don’t try to figure her out cause she’ll never give anything away,
Even when she’s hurting most she’ll swear to you that’s she okay.
It must be hard having nothing in life that can make you laugh anymore,
And only being able to hope that your life will go back to the way it was before.
I’m sure that it must be difficult feeling so unwanted and worthless,
But you’ll never tell by looking at her because she’s such a good actress.
If you can’t stand how she’s always down and think being upset does no good,
She’ll just agree because she hates herself more than you ever could.
She stares into the mirror and only sees everything she seems to lack,
Not knowing that her own worst enemy is there looking straight back.
Life isn’t fair and that’s something everyone will find out in their own way,
She knows that it’s hard, but she also knows that tomorrow’s a new day.
She won’t give up; she knows that life can be beautiful even through her eyes,
And she finds a new reason to be strong with every tear she dries.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Nonna

    You know,this is just how i really feel these days,really good