I just hope no one ever sees me like this

by Kelianne   Aug 6, 2009

I'm gonna let the words flow free
but its so hard to see,
i get lost sometimes just trying to be me.
I'm crying without reason,
its just so confusing.
this life is a game,
and i feel like I'm losing.
"one step at a time."
i think Ive heard that before...
how about you take a step back
and look a little more.
another me, another side
that i choose not show.
theres more to my life than you would ever know.
Ive laid in bed waiting,
clenching my fists.
the whole house is quiet
but my pillow knows this.
if you think that its easy,
when you want to scream so loud.
you're crying so hard
but cannot make a sound.
one box is done,
ill just tell them I'm sick.
i just hope no one EVER
sees me like this.


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