Seeing The End

by Rozzy   Aug 26, 2009

The beginning is only a wonder
Nothing could be more worth it
It's only in the end
Do we begin to forfeit

We never see it coming
A sudden stop of heart beat
No longer racing is it
When we are laid down in defeat

The early promises that were made
Were a sign of what we call commitment
Now looking back at them
Easy as they had come Easy as they had went

We're not so different from who we were before
There is no one to blame
Only realizing the other now
That neither of us has made change

The sooner that one accepts it
The sooner the other will be gone
This is where the war begins
Only with ourselves do we find wrong

And once the battle is over
And all we've gained is lost
It does not get any easier
Accepting what each moment had cost


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