The Secret of Life

by LitxUpxWithxLife   Sep 2, 2009

Breathe in the fire, take in the smoke.
Breathe it all in, just to forget you're broke.
The pieces have fallen and down they stay.
That Liquid Courage makes you sway.

Stumble and fall down an old, tattered, path.
Scream at the world, but the world screams back.
Don't you see that there's more in life?
Forget all the hate, pain, gore, and strife.

To every extent, there is an opposite.
There's more to life, darkness is not just it.
Let it all go with one large breath.
Let it go, acknowledge death.

The grass is greener on the other side, or so that's what they say.
But everything is brighter on the other side of decay.
So either pick up your pieces or fall into the void.
Sample the bright side of the life, feel overjoyed.

Life comes and then life goes.
Life is just too short to be surrounded by foes.
Embrace your life and make your amends.
Because the secret to life, is that it ends.


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