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I was born in Chicago and recently moved to Wisconsin. I changed my name from Dravens Regards, cuz that's just me i like diversity and change. I was always into poetry, but after my mother died when I was 15 my passion for it soared, it was a release for the pain and anger i felt. I like writing mostly love and dark poems, different, i know. They allow me to write my feelings down through words. So if you have any questions about my poems, or any suggestions, or even to say hey just drop me a line.

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  • Age : 21
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  • So there's this Sailor, sailing out to sea.
    Then there's this girl, waiting so patiently...

  • The scrape of the knife against the bone.
    The sound of the thump, as this blade finds its...

  • Is this anger that housed in my shell I hide,
    Normal beyond a doubt or will it subside...

  • **This is my first obscure poem. It is just a...
    If I was a vampire, would you be my donor...

  • Breathe in the fire, take in the smoke.
    Breathe it all in, just to forget you're broke...

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  • Black roses are a symbol of love, love that survives death; and continues to unwind as do the souls of those that have entwind.

    11 years ago
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  • Good Intentions are another name for mistakes that cost too much for an apology

    11 years ago
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  • Hate is a flame found deep inside,
    it never flickers and never dies.
    Embrace it and it will make you whole.
    but be careful for everything has it's toll.

    11 years ago
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