I wish you

by junet   Oct 1, 2009

I wish you were a tear
that I had wiped away
I wish you were a sound
that vanish in the air

I wish you were a cloud
that flew away from me
I wish you were a ghost
that I never want to see

I wish you were a kite
that was gone in the sky
I wish you were a bird
which has no place to fly

I wish you were the sun
that was hidden from the moon
I wish you were a flower
that never bloomed

I wish you were the stars
hidden by the clouds
I wish you weren't here
and you never had gone south

I wish you had seen
everything I did
I wish you could understand
that your love was all I need

I wish we never met
but will everything be alright?
I wish I could go back the time
to know that I have reasons to fight

I still wish that we can be lovers
but it's too good to be true
I wish I am your everything
the woman you wanted to be with you
-oct. 1, 2009


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Samuel Dimafelix

    Awts this is cute and sad poem. I like the simplicity of the poem. There are times we need to let go someone we loved to be strong and to find a right one.

  • 7 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    I liked this. I felt like you told a story that alot of people deal with. I like the simple flow of things and the style is one of my old favorites. This was a well written poem from the heart hun and I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up hun. Nik

  • 7 years ago

    by Pengu36

    Nice poem... I think it's cute... -.-

    Might be hard accepting the end of a relationship but you sometimes can not change anything. Just remember the happy times and remember not only how happy he was, but how happy you were. That happiness you felt you shouldn't hide from another, maybe he will open your eyes and heart again...