by Daniel   Jun 15, 2004

Deep inside my own soul, there lives another world,
Behind this façade my heart is growing ever so cold.
While people push me around, I grin and don’t show my frown,
But dig deep inside and I feel like I’m six feet underground.
They laugh and point at me, discuss who I’m going to be,
I have to reconsider my own definition of free.
I’ve been so nice to you, but it only took a second or two,
For you to change you mind and choke me till my face turned blue.
I guess this time it’s good-bye, the niceness inside me has died,
Every body whose ever picked on me better run for their lives.
This time I’m pulling my guns, let you know it won’t be that fun,
You started turning on me and now I’ve got you out on the run.
You’ve all unleashed a beast, and now I’m coming to feast,
I’ve got you in my sights and I won’t spare the pain not even the least.
So long to the quiet guy, he’s gone away in the sky,
I’m here to stay and there’ll be changes and that aint a lie.


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  • 13 years ago

    by dandy

    very good writing

  • 14 years ago

    by Amy

    wow this was an amazing poem! great work, keep it up