by Nabila   Oct 14, 2009

Sometimes I'm afraid to look deep inside me,
For fear of the hatred that I might see.
Yes, hatred I say, raise brows if you may,
For I'm certainly not full of love;
How can I be, with these two eyes I see
A society I'm not proud of.
Sometimes I'm afraid to speak my mind
'Cos my words, they do not wish to hear;
But what choice do I have, if I want to be free,
I must certainly conquer this fear!
Sometimes I'm afraid to question myself
Of the promises I did not keep;
Those chances that stood right before me
But somehow I did not take the leap.
Right now, at this instant, at this very moment
I must thrive to better myself,
As the only thing that I ought to fear
Is nothing but fear itself!


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