My Mum's In Heaven

by James Bapulah   Oct 27, 2009

You're task was completed,
and your time had come,
awaiting the lords arrival,
to take my precious mum.

Sitting by your bedside,
staring at your face,
wanting to bear your pain,
wanting to take your place.

Leaving to get you food,
we told you we wouldn't be long,
not knowing, the lord was on route,
we told you to stay strong.

Promptly we came,
wanting to see our mum,
staring at your bed,
thinking what had become.

Hearing you asked for us, whilst we were away,
looking at your face, my mind in disarray.
We came back to your bedside and starred at our mum,
looking into your eyes, I could tell that the lord had come.

When I saw you breath you're last breath,
I knew the lord was present, taking you away,
away from the pain,
away from the bad,
away from the tears,
mum you're no longer sad.

The book of life,
your name shall be,
written in gold,
for all to see.

Dressed in white,
no pain in sight,
mum you've fought the battle,
and won the fight.

I miss you mum,
no words can show,
how much pain I feel,
only the Lord knows.

My heart feels so heavy,
without you here,
I still can�t believe you're gone,
I still can't adhere.

When I have my children, this is what I�ll say,
to tell them about their grandmother, and how she couldn't stay:
Mum was devoted, in all that she done,
she thanked the lord for everything, and brought forth to me, her son,
Your grandmother was beautiful,
blessed in every way,
she would have showered you in kisses,
each and every day.

The lord called you're grandmother,
he had greater plans in store,
for her job on this earth was minor,
for what the lord had prepared her for.

Gone to meet her creator,
to rest for a job well done,
she entered heavens gates,
My one and only mum.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant,
the Lord has boldly said,
my mum has entered heaven,
to drink wine and to break bread.

July fifthteenth,
quarter past three,
the Lord opened heavens gates,
not needing a key.

Till we meet again,
I can only feel incomplete,
till I see your face again,
ill know my job has been complete.

My mum's in heaven,
a new body is she,
in the arms of Jesus,
my mum is now free.



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  • 7 years ago

    by XxLastHopexX

    Wow...well written...i could stop reading and then it was done.

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