Blue Corduroy

by john   Nov 6, 2009

Blue Corduroy

Searching the varied pockets of youth
looking for whatever memories may have collected
I find ripped parachutes attached to little plastic men
and little clay marbles, the ammunition for slingshots.

Within the button clasped pocket on a pair of OshKosh B'Gosh's
there are a handful of dead bees and dried out dandelion heads.
In an old coat,
a soap sculpture and several unstitched merit badges

In an old torn pair of blue corduroys I find a picture of you.
I am next to you and you are holding me wearing that smile
that means you're already a little drunk
and I remember that then, we already thought that we were
that old kind of young and that pictures weren't
important because we could sit there a little drunk,
hold each other and smile forever.


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