by lina   Nov 19, 2009

Deep down,
Deep down inside me there is a different side of me.
You see me as happy,
Bursting with energy,
And always smiling.
That is the real me in your eyes
But that is not the real me.
Well it's not the complete me.
There is more to me then you see.

I am
I am
Feel no one is here for me,
Feel no one is my friend
I am
Alone to survive alone.
It is hard,
And I don't think you understand how I feel.
I wish you could understand but you don't,

You say you are my friend
Yet you make fun of me
And hurt me.
That is not a friend to me.
You are not a friend.
Because I don't feel I can be myself around you.
Is that so wrong?

I wish I could talk to you and you would listen.
I wish you were my friend
And we could tell each other anything.
I am sorry but I am tired of all the pain.
I need to find a friend that will understand me.

I talk to you and you listen,
But you don't want to hear it.
You want to see me happy
Everyone does,
But I need someone to help me through these hard times.

I am
I am hanging on to you
And you hurt me
Don't you think that's crazy?
Even though you don't seem like a real friend,
You are.
You are the closest thing I have to a friend
And although you hurt me sometimes,
Most of the time we are laughing and smiling,
So I guess I am okay with this for now.
Life is not over so I will work on what I have
And wait till things change.
I will be happy, smile and
Live with what I have.
I will become the person
Be friends with.
Trust in me and I'll trust in you,
And through trust and friendship,
We can do anything!


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  • 6 years ago

    by lina

    Thank you very much baby rainbow and baybhieecakezx3

  • 7 years ago

    by BayBhieeCakezx3

    Omqee. Dhiz is an Amazinq Poem. Great Workk.!

  • 9 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Really good poem, well done xx