by Silently He walks   Nov 30, 2009

Untrusting girl.
So sad.
She yearns to be loved.
Been broken and abused.
She yearns for freedom
She yearns for peace.

She looks everywhere.
growing desperate, growing weak, growing tired.
She falls to her knees.
Yearning for true love.

She falls..
And she finds me.
No trust, no heart.
Just a wish and a hope.
Here I am, here I stand.
Still trying to be a man.

Passing months, passing years
She found her love in me.
Growing strong, building trust but still unsure.
Always looking
Always wondering.

Until one day she finds this secret world here i hide.
Here i talk
Here i confide.
...she reads, she sees.
..she dies alittle inside.

still yearning for my love.
still yearning for love.
still hoping.

What does she do now. what does she say.
what do i say.
who am i.
who have i become.
was this always me?
did she just pretend not to see?

love be blind, my love.. does my love be blind.

her eyes are open my dear.
now she sees
now she stands to her feet, my dear.
and says..

"Cause, baby.. you can never beat me."


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  • 8 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    That's amazing work I really liked that xxx well done xxx

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