My Mr. Pain

by Daniel   Jun 16, 2004

I met a man a long time ago, his name was Mr. Pain.
He hangs around twenty four seven, it’s driving me insane.
He gets them all to point and laugh, he gets them all to stare.
He gets me into trouble and makes life so unfair.

Clenching my heart he held it tight, then threw it to the ground.
Then he started stepping on it, and began to dance around.
My friends all hate me, that’s what he said with a grin upon his face.
You’ll never have a girlfriend cause you’re a big disgrace.

Look at how they walk away, whenever you are near.
Its as if they’ve seen a monster, and are running out of fear.
Your truly pathetic and worthless he said with a little grin.
Look at your ugly face, here’s a favor, I’ll push it in.

All I’ve done for days and days is cry curled in my bed.
I wish that Mr. Pain was gone, or I was finally dead.
I met a man a long time ago, his name is Mr. Pain.
I lay curled up inside my bed, I’ve finally gone Insane.


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