Glutton for Punishment.

by AwingAshes   Dec 9, 2009

Glutton for Punishment.

We talked about this
since the longest time;
always creeping into
our thoughts -- a constant chime.

We're not afraid of it,
yet the craziness remains;
we're not escaping it,
our destiny, it reins.

Eleven years and counting
and our bond unbreakable,
we think of our future
the outrage unmistakable.

I've never had a sister
but what if something happened to you,
how would I react,
who would be my babu.

I think I may move on
too fast but I'd still thirst
your affection and presence --
what if the roles reversed.

You said you would change,
completely - anew.
Danger you would seek,
punishment the flu --

not contagious; just for you.
You'd give up and stop
caring, for you said I was
the most important -- stop!

Glutton for punishment
that would be your diagnosis;
you would've completely transformed,
but what about me, sis,

I think I may move on
too fast and I can't stand
that our memories may fade,
our love; our brand.

Because of me;
and you wouldn't ever
let that happen to us
you would let us live
forever with your trust.
Babu is like a form of endearment in Hindi.
Often said to your child if used as a noun however if used as an adjective meaning beautiful, etc.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    I always enjoy reading your work. You have a distinct way of writing that brings your wrods to life in every piece. This was one of my favorites for the contest and that's why it was a winner. I loved the title, such an original concept that made me love it the first time I read it. You are a very talented person and I see your growth in your poems. I wish more people would read your poems and see your greatness. Nik