Courtesy of the Bad kind

by Daniel   Jun 16, 2004

If she only knew how much I cared, she wouldn't have walked away.
I protected her so many times, I even died that day.
As she was leaving to work, a car came speeding by.
She would have gotten hit, but it suddenly caught my eye.

I pushed her out of the way, the car continued through.
She got back to her feet, walked up and said F-U.
Walking backwards toward a manhole, I said to myself “good lord”.
I quickly ran right over, and covered it with a board.

Stepping on my fingers she told me to get a life,
I'll pray for the poor soul, to whom this is their wife.
I thought I'd seen the last of her, but to my surprise.
Her she comes a walking, she will be my demise.

What's this now, falling pipe it is I see.
I scared her and she ran real fast, and all the pipes hit me.
I'm okay it's just a scratch, I'm lying on the ground.
She told me just to go away, and not to stick around.

She didn't see the things I did, and didn't seem to care.
She didn't know I saved her life, luckily I was there.
It soon became dark, streetlights on and rain violently came down.
I just sat in my apartment, looking out the window with a frown.

I saw her walking down an alley, 6 men waiting at the end.
Why in the world would she do that, I would've taken a friend.
I ran outside and pulled her back, she slapped me in the face.
It's okay I'm here to help, she sprayed me with her mace.

Kicking me in the private, she then ran away.
6 men came down the alley, all I could do was pray.
They pulled their knives and weapons, making sure I wouldn't live.
As I was getting beaten, I told the men that I forgive.

I lay ed there bleeding on the ground, till one man pulled a gun.
He placed it just above my heart and that's were it was done.
After they left the lady came back, and kicked me in chest.
That's exactly what you deserve, you're a little pest.

Being too nice was always my problem, for others I cared too much.
I always tried to be the night in shinning armor or such.
Here I lay all alone, no one even knows what I did.
Guess the world has another pest of which it now is rid.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by dandy

    Awesome poem. I'd really like to be writer when I grow up. I'll be happy if can write half as good as you do! Caring isn't a bad thing. God will reward you in the end. good job

  • 14 years ago

    by Kristina K

    Hey Daniel.
    I read your post at the forum about Canadian poets and I just thought I'd check out your work. This poem was great. I enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing.
    I won't get into an argument over Canadian poets. But I don't think Matt had to actually point it out. But anyways, we all have our different opinions.

  • 14 years ago

    by Amy

    omg! wow!! that was a really really amazing poem and it made me so sad. ur a great author, dont ever stop writing