by Torrence   Jan 13, 2010

There's something in your eyes, when your eyes meet mine
Some emptiness where once they'd shine.
It's different now, though it'd have to be
It was a younger you, it was a better me.
And all of this happened in between
Our reality and some fever dream
A living mirage of happiness,
Always asleep, never at rest.
And this revolver speaks of broken dreams, of hopeless men and silent screams,
Of love and hate and in between, it speaks salvation over me.
Oh angel come, I hear you calling,
Gently, save me as I'm falling.
Wings of white, and halo lighting
Up the night that I've been fighting.
Cut this rope around my neck,
That binds my hands and stunts my steps;
Hung from gallows of quixotic visions
Bound to honor, stuck in prison.
Save me angel! Set me free!
Let my life be bound to thee!
I'm so scared of what I cannot know,
And there's so much beauty, I don't want to go.
Lift me from my bed of death
To draw in one more blessed breath.


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