Simple losing

by kidheir   Jan 14, 2010

Why did it all change?
i remember the days where we couldn't go a second without each other
the joy we once Brung each other seems to have fade to hate
the days where i would hold you in my arms and watch you as you closed your eyes
the times when we told each other everything and held nothing back
my first thought in the morning was of you i went to sleep smiling cause i was seeing your face in my dreams
when we could talk all day about nothing
when we openly talked and set rules and regulations so that we wont hurt each other when we spoke on the rights and wrongs
where did all that go?
now we spend more time away then together
your never in my arms were always so close but to far to touch
now every little thing has become a secret and we hold our tongues
now we don't even talk for an hour straight
smiles have turned into frowns upon our faces
i go to sleep wondering what did i do to be ignored and i wake up trying to get the right words so that i wont hurt you
we seem to be hating the people were becoming when all were doing is falling to hard and to fast for each other so we want to protect and keep whats ours
now I'm sitting here alone waiting for your call and your probably to busy to worry about your boyfriend now....where did our true love go it seems so close when your next to me but so far away that i cant feel it...why is this all happening i losing you?


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