It's not my fault.

by Hawaiian Chick   Jan 18, 2010

Why do I feel such regret,
when I did nothing wrong?
Why do I feel so guilty,
when you did all the harm?

You're full of lies, deceit, and hate,
you put it all at me.
I should have known you were all this,
why couldn't my eyes see?

No guardian angel took me back,
to tell me you were wrong.
You used, abused, and threw me away,
I felt it for too long.

I'm scared to fight, you'll punish me
you're taking away my choice
Help me, please, oh help me
Will someone hear my voice?

This is for everyone out there going through an abusive relationship. There is someone that can help you. Call an abuse hotline, you can get help. There is hope.


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